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“We are here to help you
love the skin you’re in”

‘In a nutshell’, that pretty much sums up Nude Skin & Beauty – it’s our ‘Why’, we’re here to help you love your skin.

The name “Nude Skin” Came from this statement, when you love the skin you’re in, there’s no need for makeup to cover up what you don’t love. Our aim is to help people feel more confident and happy with what they have, even small changes can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Our team


The founder of Nude, Nikki studied at Otago Polytechnic & has been in the industry for 17 years. Her passion is fixing skin and finding solutions that work well for people. She loves watching her team grow and the girls are like her second family – her ‘daughters’. She is here to support them and make a positive difference to their lives wherever she can as this drives her to be the best person she can be. She is a big believer in “Treat others how you want to be treated”.

What is your go-to product?

“My go-to product would have to be Juvenate’s ‘Rejuvenate Creme’. It’s a great all in one product and you see results almost instantly. “


Fallon studied at Otago Polytechnic graduating in 2017. She started with Nude in August of that same year. Building solid relationships and obtaining life changing results is what keeps her going.

What is your go-to product?

My go-to product’s are the DMK Embioment range & Juvenate’s Redesign Cream as they both work on the microbiome of the skin, aiding in barrier repair and protection. This is the first thing we as Therapists need to get right to ensure longevity of results.


Sophie completed her diploma in beauty therapy at Otago Polytechnic in 2022 after deciding to pursue her passion, doing a 180 from her Original career as a teacher.

Sophie keeps busy and motivated by juggling her career and her 10 year old son Max.

What is your go-to product?

I can’t go past Juvenate’s Uplift Eye & Lip Serum. Using the electric applicator to infuse the serum into my skin is my favourite part of my routine and leaves my skin looking super dewy.


Steph graduated with her certificate in beauty therapy from Otago Polytechnic in November 2022 and started at Nude in December 2022. Changing careers in her mid 30’s has been daunting but she is passionate about beauty and is excited to start helping clients feel their best.

What is your go-to product?

My go-to-product is B-Hydrated because it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed.


Beth is based in Auckland and visits Nude every 6 weeks. She has a Nursing Degree from the Phillipines and has worked in NZ for 15 years in different specialties including Gynaecology, Oncology, Medical and Coronary. She studied beauty therapy in NZ while still working in the public health sector. She has been practising Appearance Medicine & Skin Therapy for 12 years now.

Beth is equally passionate for both injectables and skin care treatments. She believes that when the skin is at it’s healthiest, injectable treatments are used as icing on the cake. There are limitations with each treatment but combining the treatments will give the best results to the client.

What is your favourite treatment?

My favourite treatment is the Dermapen – Because it is safe and effective with very minimal down time. It is suitable for a lot of clients with skin concerns including anti-aging, pigment and scar reduction, acne, stretch marks, etc.”

Get in touch

For any inquires or information about the treatments above contact Beth at [email protected]

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